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The Wood Blast Wall is slight higher in blast protection to Stone, and is good for use in mild explosives testing. It is known as simply 'Blast Wall' to many due to multi-crafted crafting techniques for higher grades of blast wall.

Recipe Edit

Wood Blast Wall

Similar to reinforcing a log with some stone in real life

The recipe is rather easy to make at the point in a game that you might be needing it. It requires 1 log, of any type, 4 cobblestone and 4 string. The cobblestone must be north, south, east and west of the log.

A wood plank may be used, but requires iron bars in place of string to craft correctly. (Although in Release 1.7.10 onwards, this item is refered as 'Wire-Inforced Wood Blast Wall)

Trivia Edit

  • The block will protect from blast only if the item needing protection is behind a wall sufficiently high and wide, otherwise the blast will flow around the wall and hit the item. (The blocks the blast travels to hi the item include the flowing)
  • The item was originally made without string, but string was added in a compromise to raise the blast protection to levels slightly above cobblestone.
  • The recipe is one of very few crafting recipes in which the start and end are logically obtained from materials. (Dyed wools and dyes being among them)